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You might be wondering, what does imagery have to do with branding?? Ya’ll, everything! Consistent imagery instills a professional impression on your potential clients AND discourages confusion on what your brand voice actually is.  With consistent imagery, telling your story becomes much, much easier. Today, I’m coming at you with a quick tip about what this means exactly and the best way to achieve it.

When I say “consistent imagery”, I mean professional-looking images with good lighting, within the same color scheme.  There are lots of different photography styles out there, so you’ll want to be sure you stick to the same style across all media where your work will be seen.  If your website showcases imagery that is light/airy, you don’t want to show darker, emotive ones on your social media, and vice versa.  Again, this creates confusion within your brand voice, and your clients won’t know what kind of story you’re trying to tell.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your colors lie within the same scheme.  If your logo and website showcase a bright color scheme, but your social media show soft pastels, those colors emote different vibes.  Did you know colors make you feel different things? Reds create a sense of urgency (that’s why it’s often used on clearance tags in stores), blues are calming, black creates a sense of timelessness and classic vibes, yellow makes people happy, etc.  Your color scheme lends to your brand voice, so keeping it within the same realm is really important.

That’s it! Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll do great!



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