Choose between the in-person studio session or a one-on-one video chat. You'll get brand and marketing advice, and I'll walk you through what changes you can make on your website in order to make the most of your brand and bring in your dream clients! If you're looking for info on the workshop or private coaching, be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be among the first to know! 

brand & website              for creative entrepreneurs

Need some advice but don't know where to start?


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"I loved my conversation with Kaleigh. It was truly uplifting and reassuring."

Jeni Prosser


The Branding 101 Workshop

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From SEO, to brand voice, to social media presence, to finding your ideal client, and more, you'll find all the basics you need in this exclusive workshop. Join me in the ultimate branding course to level up your branding game and get more clients that speak to your heart and soul.


Private coaching -
one year of 1-1 coaching $9400

You've been around for a while and you're established in your business, but you still need targeted brand advice.  A year of private coaching will help you zero in on your weak spots, build up your strong spots, and really help you build a brand that brings in those clients you've always dreamed about.

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One year of 1-1 Private coaching includes:

investment: one time payment of $9,400 or downpayment of $4400 + 5 monthly payments of $1400

- One hour deep dive Zoom or Facetime Call
- 12 one-hour strategy calls via Zoom or Facetime
- Access to Kaleigh via text or email anytime
- Choice of one website template from the Site Shop
- 3 Brand and website reviews (one at the beginning, one 6 months in, and the final at the end
- Final Strategy Call

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One year of 1-1 Private coaching includes:

investment: one time payment of $9,500 or downpayment of $4500 + 5 monthly payments of $1300

- One hour deep dive Zoom or Facetime Call
-12 one-hour strategy calls via Zoom or Facetime
-Access to the Brand Bootcamp ($1999 value)
-Access to Kaleigh via Marco Polo, text, or email anytime
-One ticket to the Brand Retreat
-Final Strategy Call
-Earlybird access to the Brand Mastermind

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Two hour in-person brand coaching $600

We'll meet in my studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, and do a full overview of your website, your brand, social media, and talk about tips on what to fix or how it can be improved. I'll walk you through SEO strategy, imagery, help you brainstorm and even do a basic Showit tutorial (if you're a Showit member!).

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One-hour Brand Coaching video Call $350

You're stuck and you don't know why. You aren't booking the clients you want, or you just want another set of eyes. With the video chat, you get a one-hour session with me where I will do a website critique, cover branding and marketing, social media presence, and business, and help you brainstorm. 

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client love

Zoe whitaker

All I can say is WOW. You nailed it. From the bottom  of my heart, thank you. I have struggled with this process for so long, and I feel blessed I chose you.

Amanda Donaho Photography

My experience with Kaleigh Turner Creative is long - she's designed 3 or 4 websites for me at this point, I've honestly lost count.  She is somehow able to jump into your mind & put to paper all the ideas you have but don't know how to adequately express.

Mojave East, event venue

Hiring Kaleigh Turner Creative for our branding & website was one of the best decisions we made!  We get tons of compliments!

Purplei potion

Kaleigh couldn't have known the significance of what she was designing for me. I gave her very little and she produced something that spoke volumes. Her work is important. It is valued.

Lauren DiFulvio Photography

Kaleigh read my mind of what I wanted! She is so unbelievably talented! She listens and then comes up with this beautiful presentation!

Amanda marie photography

My logo is beautiful! Kaleigh is fantastic with colors and design! I love everything, and I'm very impressed with her talent!


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