On a time crunch and need a new website, like, yesterday? A one-on-one intensive that moves fast.  


Working one-on-one with you to have your brand & custom website launched in less than a week.


begins at $15,400

Once you decide it's time for a new website, waiting the hardest part.  Collaborative experiences are my absolute favorite because I work one-on-one with you in a condensed timeframe to really build the brand and website of your dreams.  

We'll start with all the necessary paperwork, build everything out together in my studio (or via Google Hangout if you're not local to Cincinnati), and then celebrate your launch - all in the same week.  This hands-on experience is fast-paced and fun, and it's produced some of my all-time favorite brands in the past.  

Inquire for more info or to get on the calendar.  Spots are limited  each month and book quickly, and restrictions apply.

Let's work one-on-one to get a custom brand & website knocked out for you in a week or less. 

Let's do this

payment plans available

Shoot us an email to let us know what you're dreaming up. To book, we require a signed contract and non-refundable deposit. After you're booked, we'll schedule your start date...let the fun begin! 

Pre-Project:  Inquire & Book

Fill out our questionnaire in detail. This is crucial as the questionnaire explores your "why", your backstory, and where you dream your business will go. Identifying your audience, as well as your style, and marrying the two is at the core of the step.

Pre-Project:  Fill out the questionnaire

Before the project starts, you'll want to make sure that all required homework is complete! This includes questionnaires, Pinterest boards, imagery prep, and copy.  The first two days of the project are crucial - being available and easy to reach by email, phone, or Google hangout is required.

Project Week!

Roughly 3-4 logo concepts/full brand board concepts make their way into your inbox! We want you to be 100% happy with your final products, so this part of the journey is all about refining it until it's perfect. 

Day 1:  Logo Concepts/Brand Proofs & Revisions

Your custom website design phase starts now! If you are local to Cincinnati, we'll meet in person for a 6-8 hour highly collaborative intensive at my studio.  If you aren't local, clearing your schedule and being available for Google hangouts and email correspondence throughout the day is required.

Day 2:  Website Creation

Everything is complete and finalized! We go through any final changes, copy updating, and image selections. 

Day 3:  Final Design Revisions, Imagery & Copy Finalizations

Your design is uploaded to your Showit dashboard and the request for launch is sent to Showit. This process can take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on your blog library.

Day 4:  Send to Showit for Launch

While we wait for your site to go live, your final logo and brand files will be rendered and sent to you! 

Day 5:  Receive Final Logo Files

Your site is live! Throw a launch party and celebrate!

Day 6-7:  Your live! Launch party!

the Collaborative process

Showit is powered by WPEngine, so Wordpress is where you'll publish your blogs.  It also means if you love Wordpress and need the plugin capabilities, but hate the restrictions, with Showit your entire site can still be built with WP, but with cooler results.     

We design exclusively with Showit because we're obsessed with the drag-and-drop platform's easy usability. That means, we aren't restricted by the platforms grids or templates, and your new website can truly be everything you dreamed.  

Showit is fully responsive. With 5 seconds flat to impress your potential customers, it's really important that your mobile site look just as good as the desktop version. With Showit, you can design your mobile separately from the desktop so you're WOWing people no matter what device they're on.

You're no SEO expert (or maybe you are!), but with Showit, the make it simple. The SEO settings are easily available on every page, plus you get the power of a WP blog built right in.  

BEcause it's really this easy.

Why Showit?


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