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I’ve talked about how to up your social media game in the past, but I’m diving deep with this branding tip.  A big thing I talk about often is branding for your target market, your ideal client, not for you.  Once you have the dream logo and dream website, it’s time to pull it all together by only sharing related content!  How are you using your unique personality to gain their trust? Because, let’s face it, having trust in you is what really sells your business in the first place.  People like to invest in a company that they can trust, a company that makes them feel something.

So how do you do that? Here are my top 5 tips to sharing on social media //

1.) Less is more.

Just because there are 500 social media platforms out there, doesn’t mean you have to be on every single one.   Work with the ones you’re comfortable with.  For instance, I love me some Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  I’m not good at Twitter, and SnapChat makes me feel like I’m 900 years old because I have no clue what’s going on.

2.)  Sell your story, not your company.

People no longer just want companies, they want you. They showed up to this shindig to really know who you are.  Are you a brand new photographer and all you know at the moment is that you know nothing? Be vulnerable and share that. Are you 10 years in and are a seasoned pro, and what you know now could’ve changed the way you did business in the beginning? No one is asking you to share all of your secrets, but share how you feel now all these years later. Talk about how you got started, your dog, your cat, your spouse, your amazing single life, your travels, your college roommate, your experience in line at Target on a random Tuesday – talk about yourself and be yourself.

3.) Stick to your “ideal client” when you share.  

I talk a lot about Penelope. Penelope is THE bride I speak to when I post to social media, and who my website is branded for, on my wedding photography platform.  She’s not real – I made her up. But in my mind, she’s a living, breathing person, and ya’ll this works.  Back in my Branding 101 – The Top 6 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Branding blog post I did, I talk about this exact thing.  Do the exercise I spoke about and then only talk to that person! I never share anything Penelope wouldn’t like (it’s a good thing she loves stories about my Target trips on random Tuesdays), and you should never share anything your ideal client wouldn’t like either.  This goes for the copy on your website as well!


4.) Build a tribe.

Building a tribe is all about connection.  Build a tribe by pouring into those around you.  Someone comments on your post, take ten seconds to reply. Better yet, comment on one of their posts too so they know you aren’t just in it for your own “likes”.  Respond, respond, respond. You’ll do better with 10 people who LOVE you than 500 people who don’t care about you at all.  Quantity does not equal quality.

5.) Use professional looking photography

You might be wondering – How does this build trust within my brand?? Bad photography can be really distracting to a well-curated brand.  It can also give off a really unprofessional vibe. Great photos can help tell your brand story just as much as your words, and will help build trust in the eyes of your potential clients.  A great idea is to have a photoshoot done by a local photographer who specializes in this (local to Cincinnati? Check out Amanda Donaho Photography – she specializes in brand photography for business owners and can steer you in the right direction!).  You can also utilize stock photography. and are great resources for free stock photography.  If you opt to do it yourself, make sure the images are in focus and well lit.

Keep dreaming BIG friends,


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