The Illuminare Retreat – A Retreat for Creatives – Branding & Web Design Educator

This blog post is long overdue! Back in late November/early December, my dearest friend Amanda Donaho (Amanda Donaho Photography – check her out!) hosted a retreat specifically geared towards women creative business owners.  The idea behind it was that getting together with like-minded lady bosses can feed the soul in such a way that makes you feel like we’re all in this together and you aren’t alone – making connections as a soloprenuer is so important.  As someone who was “in the know” on all the workings of this retreat from the beginning idea stage through watching it come to fruition, I can honestly say so much love and thought went into every last detail.  The retreat ended up being hugely successful – the women came as strangers and left as friends.  There were connections made and deep discussions into the night, hugs and tears shared, plans to travel together, plans to quit day jobs, and plans to dream bigger than ever before. Of course, we partied down with Photosphere and fun games on Saturday night, too!

Amanda asked me to speak to the group on branding, and while I was excited to lead the discussion in person with these ladies, I had no idea what to expect! I’ve spoken and given advice so many times over the years to people trying to hone their branding, but never to a group of women so large. This was exciting on so many levels.  I chatted with the women about mistakes that are commonly made in business when it comes to having a cohesive brand (a topic I love to talk about – I even wrote a blog about it a while back…you can read that HERE!)  My sweet friend, Amanda, got some images of me speaking, and I’m so excited to share! xo


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