Champs Élysées – Now LIVE in The Site Shop! – Pre-Designed Showit 5 Templates for Creatives

She’s romantic, timeless, and sophisticated.  She loves sipping her café noisette every morning from her top-floor flat on the Left Bank, the Eiffel Tower soaring in the landscape from her balcony. She loves love, and she loves her clients. She shoots film, because it reminds her of the simple romance of a begone era, and still sends handwritten letters.  The color palette is light & simple with a soft, steal blue as the prominent hue, inviting a feeling of serenity.  Introducing Champs Élysées, a template from The Site Shop. It features a simple, clean layout, and two home page options to choose from.  Available now in the shop! Purchase here —-> Champs Élysées



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