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Oh, this was such a fun project to work on!! CinciMakup owner, Kelly Neaves, came to us wanting a fresh look. Something fresh and feminine….but with a twist. Kelly’s Pinterest board was chalk full of black and pink, so it made sense to start with that color palette. I loved the contrast between such a classic color and such a girly color, so we combined the two to create something soft and romantic, with subltle touches of GLAM. The handlettering is remeniscent of the days of handwritten letters,  and thank you notes, representing the custom experience Kelly gives her clients. The lips icon adds a little something sexy to complete the logo – like love letters sealed with kiss. The supermodel in each client will come alive when looking this logo and through Kelly’s website. The brand should feel light and inviting, and also a little fierce, inspiring each client to be confident and fierce themselves!

Color Palette | Black, Pink, White

Vibe | Feminine, Romantic, Glam

Website |

(Below image by Kaleigh Turner Photography –











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