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The perfect companion to Champs Elysees! There's nothing worse than getting that inquiry email, being so excited, and then hearing crickets. Wow your clients with cohesive branding across the board, and get rid of those outdated PDFs. This digital Showit +Site is professional, easy to update, and exactly what you need to book your next client! 


:: by purchasing this template, you agree to not copy or resell this design in any way. you also agree to have read the FAQ section in it's entirety as templates are non-refundable.


Photos for template provided by Leah Barry Photography

Looking for the full Champs Élysées site? Find that here >

You get 30 days of email support with us, plus the team over at Showit offers amazing live chat support and incredible customer service. The Showit team is there to offer a helping hand for anything from tech issues to how-to.  Their help section is also full of tutorials and step-by-step instructions for how to set-up your new site.

Showit is powered by WPEngine, so your site will be designed in Showit, but Wordpress is where you'll publish your blogs.  It also means if you're a blogger and love Wordpress and need the plugin capabilities, but hate the restrictions, with Showit your entire site can still be built with WP, but with cooler results.     

We design exclusively with Showit because we're obsessed with the drag-and-drop platform's easy usability. That means, we aren't restricted by the platforms grids or templates, and your new website can truly be everything you dreamed.  It's COMPLETELY customizable, no coding required!

Showit is fully responsive.  With 5 seconds flat to impress your potential customers, it's really important that your mobile site look just as good as the desktop version.  With Showit, you can design your mobile separately from the desktop so you're WOWing people no matter what device they're on.

You're no SEO expert (or maybe you are!), but with Showit, the make it simple.  The SEO settings are easily available on every page, plus you get the power of a WP blog built right in.  

Templates built with everything you need.  They are made to look custom, so you can launch your site and get back to doing what you actually love.  

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